Biosolids OK for your farm field and food, but treated as “Haz-Mat” when spilled

In Goochland County, biosolids were spilled in the road right-of-way , but don’t worry.

Tomorrow, they’ll spread it on your food growing fields so it’s back in the food chain. And hazardous material response?

That’s due to the “…which reduces, but doesn’t completely eliminate, disease-causing organisms…” said one unknown haz-mat crew member. Feeling better now?

Oh, one last thing: Soil and Water Conservation Districts are paid every year by the government to clean up rivers and streams contaminated with human coliform bacteria.

Washington State:

People and pets in the area should avoid direct contact with the spill area and Swauk Creek below the spill until potential risks to health have been determined by the health department, according to a news release.

The biosolids have been treated by King County to meet Class B requirements which reduces, but doesn’t completely eliminate, disease-causing organisms.


Opinion: Is FOIA law in Virginia treated as a suggestion?

After reading this article about the Pittsylvania Agriculture Board and the lawsuit brought against them by citizens for FOIA violations, it has become clear that many jurisdictions in Virginia are treating Virginia FOIA as a suggestion rather than the law of the land.

Think about this. Since 2007, when the Agriculture Board in Pittsylvania County was created, not a single set of minutes have been taken for a unit of county government.

Where is the oversight? Where are the officials who are bound to learn and know the law within two weeks of being elected or appointed?

This is the norm in Virginia. Politicians shrug their shoulders and say they resent the ethics laws. There is no prosecution of certain crimes that benefit politicians and officials of jurisdictions all over Virginia, but also no lessening of the restrictions and exceptions to the Virginia FOIA.

Politicians seem to think that if they obstruct FOIA reform long enough, people will give up or be stymied in their efforts to hold their local or state governments accountable.

Imagine for a moment if other laws in this Commonwealth were so routinely flaunted and ignored as worthless and worse yet, not even understood by the very people they apply to or the Judiciary.

FOIA is not a suggestion, and there is enough rampant abuse to make a month’s worth of stories every day about it. I have plenty of opportunity, a blessing of sorts, when I find that every jurisdiction I look at has little or no regard for FOIA laws, and don’t even instruct their employees after the fact.


These people’s campaign finance records won’t be scrutinized… because the State Board of Elections doesn’t prosecute anyone


Not because they didn’t have any problems, or because they did. Either way, it doesn’t matter.

Credit: Richmond.comn



The State Board of Elections has no authority to prosecute anyone of any party. Green, Libertarian, GOP, Democrats, it’s all the same to them.

Politicians walking free every day after breaking some of the most important laws we have to try to reign in rampant ethics and campaign finance law violations. We have come to expect it, and politicians have become lais·sez-faire.

Dan Gecker and Don McEachin


Moran and Herring in January of 2009

Everyone knows it, but do you really expect politicians to tell on themselves?


mcMurtrie children

Gov. Terry McAuliffe - COLUMBIA, SC - APRIL 25: (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)



Happy Election Day!







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Remember the Tea Party tomorrow when you vote

Remember the history Tuesday when you go to the polls to vote for your Tea Party favorite.

The Tea Party in Virginia.
The Tea Party in Virginia.
The Tea Party in Virginia.
The Tea Party in Virginia.
The Tea Party in Virginia.
The Tea Party in Virginia.

When you want your problems solved, you don’t call a crazy person to help you. Time has shown us that the Tea Party is not interested in solving issues for all Americans. See: Dunnavant.