Mark Warner’s staff – “I will give you a call Monday.” – June 8th – No call yet

Hello? Anyone home?

Office, Abingdon (Warner)

Jun 5
to me

Hey Martin-

I will give you a call on Monday.



Honda waits 5 months after I give them my information to send a recall notice

I called Honda Motor Co. America in March, and I talked to a representative that refused to tell me why, when  their company gets information for the Commonwealth, in a year since I owned my Honda, I had heard nothing from them. There was no answer.

Also, I asked to speak to this person’s supervisor since he was less than helpful in his answers. No one ever called me from Honda.

OPM has a non-response to the complaint about discrimination in FEHBP

When Senator Mark Warner was notified about the prohibition of certain medications through Blue Cross-Blue Shield FEHBP medical plans, I got an answer back from his staff that relayed the message from OPM: Get another plan.

Instead of looking at this problem from the standpoint of the bigger picture of discriminatory health plans offered to federal employees, his staff decided to stand on the rules and claim that even though OPM had passed down their wisdom once already, I would need to fill out more paperwork in order to get help.

This is the mindset of an employer (BLM/DOI) who also didn’t know anything about disability when I was an employee. At the time, the BLM and Interior were on record as agreeing and abiding by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

However, the agency claimed it didn’t know what to do, even when I asked for accommodations.

Now this FEHBP plan has caused me a year and a half of grief. This is what happens when you work for the government.


OPM continues discriminatory medication formulary decisions for FEHBP

flagLast year and this year, I have asked over and over again for some help in getting information about why the OPM is allowed to prohibit common prescriptions based on seemingly gender-centric reasons. There are maybe one or two reasons why these decisions apply to females as well, but the policy language is clear.

In March of 2014, I started asking for a medication which would treat two health problems. In March of 2015, after a year of waiting, I finally got the medication I asked for. Five different doctors sent authorization requests for the wrong diagnosis.

All along in this process I had been told by Blue Cross-Blue Shield that the medication in question was only able to be prescribed for a certain condition and no others. According to them, no medications for “…inadequacy, dysfunction, or sex change…” would be approved, according to the plan approved by the OPM.

I called the OPM several times over the last year.

One of the times I actually got to speak to an OPM employee in the section where these plans are drafted and approved, only for Blue Cross-Blue Shield.  The man I spoke to said he didn’t remember a particular reason for prohibition of this medication, but did remember that things are cut and added to these plans on a cost benefit basis mostly.

Then I tried contacting my U.S. Senator on this issue. This is where the progress stopped.

Next time: OPM has a non-response to the complaint.



Most serious Bundy offense missing from PEER/HCN FOIA request for 2014 incidents

HCN mastheadAccording to the always refreshing High Country News (Paonia, Colorado), a joint request through FOIA by the magazine and PEER. (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)) has uncovered the potential for missing information related to this most serious incident last year.

Source: HCN

The new data include only two incident reports related to the Bundy standoff, including: “Threatening phone call in connection with Gold Butte operation.” Reports of the Bundy supporters pointing guns at federal officers during an impoundment of the rancher’s cattle did not make the list. Other BLM documents that PEER acquired in April indicate that there were many threats during and following the impoundment and standoff. This contradiction raises the question of how many other incidents the BLM has left off this list in previous years.

PEER has in the past compiled annual reports of such cases that involve BLM officials.

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)

HCN - BLM FED chartInformation provided by US Department of Interior and BLM to PEER, in response to a FOIA request for incidents that took place in 2014. (table in article)