Medicaid expansion in Virginia would help mothers, children and mentally ill citizens

Among the approximately 400,000 people that would be helped by the extension of Medicaid connected to the Affordable Care Act are the people who need the most help. Mothers, children and the mentally ill in our communities.

The obstruction of this clearly shows the Republican majority in Virginia’s legislature have little concern for those in need, instead considering the most important thing is their careers and their next election.

Shame on you, Bill Howell, Tommy Norment and the people who enable this nonsense.


Mark Warner’s staff – “I will give you a call Monday.” – June 8th – No call yet

Hello? Anyone home?

Office, Abingdon (Warner)

Jun 5
to me

Hey Martin-

I will give you a call on Monday.


Albuterol ’emergency’ inhalers – $7 – up 650% to $45 – January, 2014

There are as many prescription drug problems as there are people looking for a cheaper prescription. The problem here, evidently, is that changing the propellant is good enough reason to jack the price up, since it is a “new” drug.

Does Mark Warner and Tim Kaine have these kinds of problems, being rich and Senators? Ask them, I have.

OPM continues discriminatory medication formulary decisions for FEHBP

flagLast year and this year, I have asked over and over again for some help in getting information about why the OPM is allowed to prohibit common prescriptions based on seemingly gender-centric reasons. There are maybe one or two reasons why these decisions apply to females as well, but the policy language is clear.

In March of 2014, I started asking for a medication which would treat two health problems. In March of 2015, after a year of waiting, I finally got the medication I asked for. Five different doctors sent authorization requests for the wrong diagnosis.

All along in this process I had been told by Blue Cross-Blue Shield that the medication in question was only able to be prescribed for a certain condition and no others. According to them, no medications for “…inadequacy, dysfunction, or sex change…” would be approved, according to the plan approved by the OPM.

I called the OPM several times over the last year.

One of the times I actually got to speak to an OPM employee in the section where these plans are drafted and approved, only for Blue Cross-Blue Shield.  The man I spoke to said he didn’t remember a particular reason for prohibition of this medication, but did remember that things are cut and added to these plans on a cost benefit basis mostly.

Then I tried contacting my U.S. Senator on this issue. This is where the progress stopped.

Next time: OPM has a non-response to the complaint.