Politics 101: How to forget you know volunteers, right after the election is over

Subtitle: Get away from me, I don’t associate with you anymore.

If you have ever volunteered anywhere, you might remember that volunteers are valued participants. Everywhere except one place, I was always treated with respect, and the idea was that my time and efforts were valuable. This was true with the PTA, as it was true with public radio.

The place with the all-time worst volunteer experience has to be politics. I won’t belabor this point, but if you work hard, your reward will be ostracization until a year before the next election.Then you can start all over with people hired by a party or organization, triggering another round of no further contact with volunteers.

In other words, they love you on a schedule of every two, four, or six years hence, after which they have no idea who you are.

There are exceptions to this almost universal truth. Donny Draper and a few others come to mind.

Remember, the powers that be in a campaign will also tell you anything they need to in order to motivate you to do their bidding. They just don’t want you to possibly be a friend or remain in contact for paying jobs in politics.

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These people’s campaign finance records won’t be scrutinized… because the State Board of Elections doesn’t prosecute anyone


Not because they didn’t have any problems, or because they did. Either way, it doesn’t matter.

Credit: Richmond.comn



The State Board of Elections has no authority to prosecute anyone of any party. Green, Libertarian, GOP, Democrats, it’s all the same to them.

Politicians walking free every day after breaking some of the most important laws we have to try to reign in rampant ethics and campaign finance law violations. We have come to expect it, and politicians have become lais·sez-faire.

Dan Gecker and Don McEachin


Moran and Herring in January of 2009

Everyone knows it, but do you really expect politicians to tell on themselves?


mcMurtrie children

Gov. Terry McAuliffe - COLUMBIA, SC - APRIL 25: (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)



Happy Election Day!







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