These things will never not be funny – Thursday version

  • The traditional media talking about how much the media “…talk about Trump.”
  • Politicians that love you during election time and then forget who you are.
  • The NFL’s utter cluelessness and transparency.
  • Politicians who refuse to audit their own campaign finance reports.
  • A Governor who talks transparency and acts like he’s a secret agent.
  • Roads that magically repair themselves right before the big races.
  • Spineless politicians who give lip service to transparency but act like they’ve never heard of it when a citizen asks for information and/or documents
  • Self-assured fans of politicians who are just certain their candidate can do no wrong, no matter what party.
  • The ability of those previously mentioned fans from excusing obviously bad behavior and management surrounding whatever their “favorite” politician did.
  • People who believe polls at 14 months before the election.
  • Politicians who only want to ask you for your opinion, but then ignore it and are timid in their fights for issues that matter to all of the citizens. (Legislative Priorities)

Chesterfield Supervisor chair: If FOIA information is bad, it will affect commerce

In the Richmond Times Dispatch last week: (concerning how many Confederate license plates are in Chesterfield.)

Chesterfield is aggressively competing with other states, localities and countries to recruit jobs. Let’s assume that decision-makers were in town on this particular day and decided to pick up the local newspaper to catch up on local news. What would they think? Might they simply put down the newspaper and head for the airport? And that same scenario applies to families looking to move to the area.

Words matter. We love Chesterfield. We love you, too, sometimes.

Steve Elswick,
Chairman, Chesterfield Board of Supervisors.

Here’s what I have to say about this:

If you aren’t doing anything wrong, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Buckingham School Division never answered FOIA request from February 2014

According the attorney for Buckingham School Division, I have not been specific enough in my February 2014 request for information.

He claims that I had been inspecific in my request, although I have spelled it out many times. The school division also refused to take my request for information in a previous request over the phone.

All this adds up to the school’s attorney attempting to create a record of me having slandered or insulted Dr. Snead or himself. I am glad to resubmit my request to them, as I did today.

Further refusal and obfuscation, along with ‘no place I would rather see you in court’ (attorney’s words) is unexplained, and in my opinion unnecessary.

Yes, sir.

Reference: VA Code 2.2-3700, et. seq.

ESPN to Olbermann: “…up with which we shall not put.”

Blowhard Keith Olbermann, who I used to admire for his straight talk, left ESPN again recently.

I have no other comment here except that he doesn’t know how to keep his ego in check, and has pissed off every employer he has ever worked for. As a curmudgeonly asshole, he is tiring and sanctimonious. His extreme love for himself outweighs any benefit we as the public might get from continuing to help pay him. He’s zero sum.

I stopped watching his knee jerk crap years ago.