Here’s how many people have been killed by terrorists vs guns

When will we learn to demand change?
When will we learn to demand change?

Albuterol ’emergency’ inhalers – $7 – up 650% to $45 – January, 2014

There are as many prescription drug problems as there are people looking for a cheaper prescription. The problem here, evidently, is that changing the propellant is good enough reason to jack the price up, since it is a “new” drug.

Does Mark Warner and Tim Kaine have these kinds of problems, being rich and Senators? Ask them, I have.

These things will never not be funny – Thursday version

  • The traditional media talking about how much the media “…talk about Trump.”
  • Politicians that love you during election time and then forget who you are.
  • The NFL’s utter cluelessness and transparency.
  • Politicians who refuse to audit their own campaign finance reports.
  • A Governor who talks transparency and acts like he’s a secret agent.
  • Roads that magically repair themselves right before the big races.
  • Spineless politicians who give lip service to transparency but act like they’ve never heard of it when a citizen asks for information and/or documents
  • Self-assured fans of politicians who are just certain their candidate can do no wrong, no matter what party.
  • The ability of those previously mentioned fans from excusing obviously bad behavior and management surrounding whatever their “favorite” politician did.
  • People who believe polls at 14 months before the election.
  • Politicians who only want to ask you for your opinion, but then ignore it and are timid in their fights for issues that matter to all of the citizens. (Legislative Priorities)

Those other stare decicis issues from the naughts deserve the same criticism as for marriage

I hate figs

In the same way I can complain about the ability of my country to go to war unnecessarily and torture others, I am also able to agree with the rights of everyone to be as equal as our society has determined over time.

stare decisis – [stair-ee di-sahy-sis] – The legal principle of determining points in litigation according to precedent

Don’t like marriage between people you don’t like? Simple solution: Don’t marry someone you don’t like.

This seems to me to be the next logical thought, as I doubt any amount of screaming at all about things that are “the legal principle of determining points in litigation according to precedent…” will change anything at all. That is, except for people’s opinions of you trying to constantly telling others how to live. That’s un-American.

We have too many other things in this country with a higher priority than making sure someone is denied due to who they love, and that’s exactly what the courts have agreed. And that’s a consensus.

Katrina hagiography

There have been many accounts of the Katrina events this week. I only hope the right version makes it to the history books. It is up to each of us to make sure our children and grandchildren know what really happened. Sunshine is for history, too.