Nothing to see here – move along, ABC always bloodies people when they arrest them

Nothing to see here, just the new Police State.

State Police and ABC investigated the arrest of a UVA student, and SURPRISE!!! They found that one of their kind did nothing wrong! Get moving, unless you want the same.

I’m glad that’s all cleared up now.

Since we will never know what happened, we will never be able to force accountability for these clearly illegal actions. How will we ever learn anything about what is done wrong in our names and with our money and implied support? I guess we are free to think what we want to about this.

If we are not to know what the investigation shows, then nobody – officers, administrators, ABC officials, the Governor, oh wait. Those are the people who are keeping it a secret… Anyway, we still won’t know anything about this because the law says that a report may be issued, at the discretion of the agency in question. For whatever reason (also a secret) the agency chose to call this report a “personnel matter”

It’s in the Preamble to the FOIA law exemptions, all one million of them. (That might be an exaggeration) Oh, I got carried away again. Maybe you should come over and beat me and refuse to tell me anything later.

The result of ABC officers violent actions.
The result of ABC officers’ violent actions.

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Mark Brooks

Independent Journalist/Photographer --- Retired Land Surveyor originally from Colorado. USN Veteran. Involved as a citizen and journalist in politics and open government locally and sometimes statewide. Interests: photography, music, justice and equality for everyone.

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