The Convenient Pope, the convenient flag…

American-FlagWith all the talk lately about issues (by strange bedfellows), there is an occasion to pause and look at how issues are seen in the court of public opinion, versus the actual facts surrounding the matter.

Pope Francis is one such individual whose viewpoints are generally accepted, depending on your viewpoint on the validity of religion in general. However, when the Pope decided it was time to try saving the Earth, it was just too much. This is the part I don’t understand.

Likewise with the convenience of the Gadsden Flag, or the Stars and Bars. Which flag will be your symbol? Which is the most convenient to your mission? Where does the American Flag fit into your plans?

Flag nope biggerConvenience is another way of saying in this instance that we will pick and choose what we want to believe. This sounds okay so far, right? Certainly people use whatever they can to get their point across. Even outright lies and deception. Even when it is extremely important.

I think that we should, as a society, figure out that some people like religion, some don’t, and both sides will use what they want from religion to prove, in this case, a point they consider moral.

In for a dime, in for a dollar, I always say. I would rather stand up and say what I think rather than lean on a convenient symbol or a convenient leader to tell me what to talk about. This is true for everything in my life. I make the decisions I do based on what I think is right. That includes complaining.

What it doesn’t include is a lot of pandering about religion in light of the recent Supreme Court decision legalizing marriage for all humans in this country. It doesn’t include a lot of ignorant statements about this country and some of the people in it, based on their subject’s beliefs and opinions.

I don’t like to scream at people, but sometimes, we all lose our minds about the rank hypocrisy in these situations.

No, nobody is treading on you. No, the Tea Party wasn’t what you think it was. Nope, nope, nope.

Yes, our planet is dying. Yes, our citizens die in the streets from both gunfire and hunger, both preventable and both a tragedy. Surely we have room in our hearts and our dialogue to solve these problems while respecting one another.


Published by

Mark Brooks

Independent Journalist/Photographer --- Retired Land Surveyor originally from Colorado. USN Veteran. Involved as a citizen and journalist in politics and open government locally and sometimes statewide. Interests: photography, music, justice and equality for everyone.

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