Virginia SBE repository of records; no enforcement power; you’re on your own

Which of the many conflicting pieces of data would you like to look at in the State Board of Elections database?

They have everything in there just as submitted, and when a citizen or someone happens to notice, they can call their Commonwealth’s Attorney and initiate further investigation and prosecution if warranted. In other words, we are on our own to police the SBE data to find the criminal activities and bring them to the attention of the government’s attorney.

Isn’t this the job of the government? Why are there no enforcement powers at the SBE? I’ll let you ponder your guess for a moment.

Oh yeah. The GOP led legislature. Along with many other beneficial improvements and reforms in government that are needed are those legislators who will step forward and submit bills to stop this nonsense as soon as possible. Do other agencies that have a task similar to the SBE have law enforcement powers? Yes, they do.

Obviously, the Attorney General of the Commonwealth, Mark Herring, has the ability to appoint someone to look at an irregularity in election records when they are identified, not when wonks like me trip over them while doing research for a related story.

Just from the Moran-Charnielle Herring election tampering information I have gathered, I have identified numerous mistakes in the comparison of the records for the challengers from the aspect of their own SBE account page. Information that appears in one place in SBE records about a contributor (who did not note the donation in their records submitted) does not appear in records of the person who was the candidate. C. Herring’s contribution record shows a donation from VA TAXICAB PAC of $750 on Jan 3, 2008.

TAXIPAC records and forms turned into the SBE do not note this donation at all. Who certifies the veracity of the financial reports? Why are they not prosecuted out of the same office that is tasked to keep the records and count the votes?

Why do citizens like me and others need to chase down a Commonwealth’s Attorney in order to persuade them to file charges on illegal reporting of financial contributions? Who prosecutes these well known cases that end up in the news?

Is it an accident that someone found those records? How much is this costing the Commonwealth?

It’s wrong, and it costs this state a ton of money and wasted manpower.

Published by

Mark Brooks

Independent Journalist/Photographer --- Retired Land Surveyor originally from Colorado. USN Veteran. Involved as a citizen and journalist in politics and open government locally and sometimes statewide. Interests: photography, music, justice and equality for everyone.

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