Fred Hudson provides confirmation of ‘rigged’ election in VA-46 HOD race in 2008

Fred Hudson, 2nd Chair of the Virginia Democratic Party, confirmed my assertion that the election in 2008 involving Brian Moran, Charnielle Herring and Ariel Gonzales, was actually fixed like I claimed it was. He also asserted there was no breach of law. This was contained in an email exchange where I was asking Mr. Hudson questions about operations of the party, and which ultimately lead him to email me to tell me to stop tweeting or nobody from the party would answer anything.

“On Fri, May 2, 2014 at 9:03 AM, Fred Hudson <> wrote:

Mark, you need to stop the tweeting. That is really hurting your cause, and anyone wanting to engage with you. If you persist, there is simply nothing I can do. Fred”

This is the third piece of the puzzle that puts the questions about this out of reach. We have a party official confirming it in an email to me, a situation where donations were given to the non-candidate on January 8, 2008. That is roughly 11 months before the “special” election to replace Moran. And it is 7 months plus until a committee is formed by Herring to run for the HOD District 46 seat, held by a Democratic Party leader, who was running for Governor. (Brian Moran) Many people and PACS even, donated before there was a campaign, before there was a vacancy from a party leader.

From: Mark Brooks
To: Fred Hudson <>;
Subject: Hello


Can you tell me why the party has no Executive Director yet?

As I am sure you are aware, we have work to do, and I am at a loss to explain to anyone why the party has no Director. The midterm elections are less than 7 months away, and there is lots of work to do.

Also, I would like to know the pricing structure of VAN voter files for local candidates. The last time I checked, the price was heavily in favor of localities that have larger populations. Smaller counties and other entities candidates have paid a lot of money for records.

However, I notice that Charnielle Herring bought her voter file in October of 2008 for a little less than $500 (before anyone knew she was a candidate, or that there was a need for one).

Evidently, her campaign committee formed the day after the convention in Denver in 2008, for an office that wasn’t vacant. Strange how that happened. I am sure Mr Gonzales was appreciative of the sandbag job. Disgusting backroom politics by Brian Moran and Ms. Herring.

Robert Dempsey, the Executive Director of the party, has refused to talk to me or allow his employees at the party (except one) to talk with me. He seems to think these crimes will just disappear into the ether like some sort of magic.

April 15, 2014
From: Fred Hudson <>;
To:  Mark Brooks
2. The fact that Brian Moran tipped off Charnielle Herring in Aug of 2008 so she could prepare for December, thereby circumventing the democratic process. Mr. Gonzales never had a chance. I will continue to talk about this story until I hear answers.
There was no breach of the lawso it becomes a personal point of dissatisfaction for you.  I understand you attitude, but you have the right to express your personal opinion and vote accordingly.  Other than that, you really have no recourse as there was no breach of the law.
(emphasis mine)

So there really is only one person that could have known for sure whether he was going to resign in December 2008. That is Brian Moran, the current Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security in Virginia. He hasn’t made a comment.

*See previous articles for the way this fits in with the rest of the evidence.


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