Why is Robert Hurt lying to his constituents?

Robert Hurt is still telling the same lies abut the economy and health care/ACA now that he did when he was elected the first and second times in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District.

His most recent newsletter to his constituents can be found at his House page.

March 11, 2014

President’s Healthcare Law Continues to Harm Working Families

My intent here is not to parse each word, but to show the utter falsehoods and tired arguments that are an indication of his and his party’s indifference to the district and to governing in general.

This is a congress that has sat on it’s hands for 5 years while claiming to do work, very little of which ever even gets to the Senate. “Jobs” bills benefit big businesses, “farmer’s” bills gut the Clean Water Act, and no town hall meetings have ever been held in this district since Hurt was elected. He will tell you he has met many citizens. That is true. In every hardware store and country restaurant in the district. No more than 10 people maybe, at a time.

Nothing but negativity about the President, and any program that they want to cut. Children’s lunches. Unemployment extensions. Public debt extensions in order to pay bills already voted on in the House.

It seems as though every time we turn around, President Obama is issuing decisions to unilaterally amend another one of the endless mandates within his signature legislation imposed on the American people. This past week, the Obama Administration announced that the millions of Americans who had their health plans cancelled because of the president’s health care law would be able to keep their plans and be exempt from penalties until after the 2016 elections. This politically-driven attempt by the Administration to delay the harmful impacts of the law is further proof that the president knows that it’s simply not working and that the massive failings of the law will have severe repercussions for Americans and their families.

This has so many patent falsehoods it is hard to list them here.

This is the law, duly drafted, debated, voted on by representatives of the people, signed by President Obama and upheld by the highest court in the land.

Yet, Republicans can only try to bolster the sheer brainwashing propaganda emanating from the Big Conservative Mouthpieces. The truth of the cancellations has been debunked thousands of times in public everywhere for months.

At least 4.7 million individual health policies have been cancelled due to the regulations associated with the president’s health care law.

Here’s the big finish, the red meat for the base.

The bottom line is that millions of Americans are losing their health insurance, being subjected to an unsecure [sic – ed.] online marketplace system, and paying higher premiums and deductibles under the president’s health care law. I stand committed to continuing to fight to repeal this harmful law, and I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to promote more positive health care reforms.

Unsecure is not actually a word. But I digress.

It is past time for Congress to get off their expense accounts, work more than 120 days a year, and get the country’s business done. The damage already done by unprecedented obstruction by Robert Hurt and his Republican colleagues in the House has slowed the economic recovery, spent unnecessary money on recall votes and other folly.

People like Robert Hurt being allowed to stay in Washington wasting the time of every citizen in his district is the reason why the problems most discussed by Republican Town Criers are problems actually caused by the intransigent, feckless Republican leadership. The truth is that over 200,000 Virginia citizens have looked into a health plan and have been deemed qualified. 100,000 people have actually gotten a plan. And many more have qualified for expanded coverage under the federally-run marketplace.

The truth about the ACA Statistics (choose Virginia)

Robert Hurt votes over 90% of the time with his party. Yet that’s all you here from the Big Noise Machines, how Democrats vote with their party. Well, yes. Somebody has to be an adult in the House.

Robert Hurt is Virgil Goode, redux. A backbencher that does little to nothing and collects a check. Period.

The author is a former resident and activist in the 5th District, including as a member of the 5th Congressional District Committee and the State Central Committee.


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Mark Brooks

Independent Journalist/Photographer --- Retired Land Surveyor originally from Colorado. USN Veteran. Involved as a citizen and journalist in politics and open government locally and sometimes statewide. Interests: photography, music, justice and equality for everyone.

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